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Human Beings And Their Creational Responsibilities

Human beings’ creation is not only unique and original but also very special and specific. They are provided with tools, which will help them attain perfection and excel until he reaches the dizzy heights of success. The task of fulfilling the creation’s realities was offered to man and other creations as well. However, the man accepted it, and other creations declined. The reason being the choice of making a decision was with the man alone. It is within the creation’s reality that they are given the ability and choice to meet perfection or go down the hill. Human beings’ greatest gift from the Creator is wisdom and knowledge. Hence his skill and choice play a leading role in deciding his fate and destiny.

At the outset, the road to success is not as straightforward as it appears. The materialistic attractions and inherent desires towards worldly possession has its own impact. Man possesses the capacity to weigh and distinguish between the good and poor and chalk out a balance approach. He needs to dive deep to the guide-book and understand its meaning and context. Then he assesses the context of generation’s realities to explore and experience. It is also a fact that righteous path is not a bed of roses, still it is achievable and within the range of a guy.

When we read the novel and think always, then it will open one’s heart, and he will find the path of success within his reach. Here, it’s crucial to mention that attaining success isn’t the aim of a man. He should strive to achieve remarkable feat and excel in an admirable way. The fact is that the guy is ignorant and untrustworthy. Then, why is the guy has accepted the responsibility to satisfy the creation’s job assigned to him? Equally important would be to consider and evaluate why the Creator has got the task to man?

Reading the guide-book and understanding its significance and concept within the context of creation’s realities will open new vistas of knowledge. Since man is capable of trying towards achievement, thus, his abilities compel him to explore and experience. The Holy Quran says, “Man is ignorant and untrustworthy.” Imam Ali Ibne Abutalib says, “His ignorance is towards his advantage.” Assessing the above two viewpoints explains the reasons of assigning the creational undertaking to individual beings. It means man is fully capable of satisfying the job. He also gets the brain to reject the guidance, thus failing to perform as expected. These two divergent functions of man would be the manifestation of wisdom and wisdom in addition to his arrogance and impertinence.

Here the decision plays a dominant role based on his submission to knowledge. On the other hand, going down the hill is the reflection of the arrogance and impertinence. At this juncture, a question arises as to why other inventions didn’t take this responsibility. Although other creations are powerful and reliable, yet they lack the capability of choice. Thus, human beings’ choice within the limits of knowledge and wisdom establishes the superiority of human beings.

The most important aspect of fulfilling the responsibility is following the path of infallible role models provided by the Creator. It means guidebook alone will not suffice the purpose. Thus, following the role models’ path unconditionally will lead to the righteous path. It, now, conclusively establishes that guidebook and infallible function models are collectively responsible to guide us in the ideal directions. The most essential point is the adherence to guidebook and next role models’ life and guidance in our daily life. Leaving any one of them will not only ruin our lives but also linger around with miseries. The silver line in the dark cloud is the repentance and seeking forgiveness from the Creator. Since the Creator is merciful and beneficent, hence, seeking forgiveness with a vow not repeat the same will benefit human beings. A famous saying goes like this, “Committing a error isn’t a crime, but repeating a error is unpardonable.”

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