Survival Folding Knife

Tactical Knife



This Multitool Knife totally saved my back side. My friend Cam and I were driving to Montana last year when my buddy’s truck blew a switch. I could have easily fixed it with a screw driver, but he had no tools. Thankfully I had my awesome Survival Folding Knife with me. This tool has screwdriver lever with 4 attachments. Two Phillips and two Flatheads. When I finally got the engine started again we saw that the windshield wipers were stuck in the ice. I used my tactical knife again which has a titanium coated handle so it can easily break glass, this time to break the ice free. When I got back in the vehicle I grabbed a pop from the cooler and used the bottle opener on my Tactical knife to crack it open. This is by far my favorite EDC multitool.


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