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Transitioning Into Corporate Executive Protection

Whether you are separating or retiring from the military this article will assist you in building a successful transition to the executive protection exchange as a corporate bodyguard.

Hard work, discipline and sound strategies will be the perfect method to prepare for, find and keep a job as a corporate bodyguard. Your capacity to achieve a level of success in this discipline is dependent on your commitment to get there.
First of all, you’ll have to start reassessing your existing skills aimed at entering the corporate executive protection industry. After you reassess your current skill levels or obtained extra proficiencies you are prepared to begin your career transition leading to a rewarding endeavor.

You will be evaluated on the particular strengths you have from functioning in the military. Your marketable skills need to be corporately sound, meaning your abilities are flexible to the private sector and concentrated towards the profession.
Market your current strengths, show they’re transferable and have : A significant concrete return on the corporate safety budget. This is corporate lingo, the translation: “Your work-related experience is considered good enough to prevent injury or kidnapping to senior management under your protection.” In the executive defense trade you’re expected to provide a solid return on the corporation ¡s investment on your own.

Executive protection is looked at as being more cost-effective than potentially having high price harm claims or ransom payments. Just being conscious of this simple fact is the first step in acquiring a business bodyguard job and being capable of it.

It’s also advisable to concentrate on developing the interpersonal skills required for coping comfortably with high businesspeople. Including courtesy, politeness and good manners, but always keeping a protective advantage that normal individuals do not have. Appropriate business attire is really important. For males use a dark suit and a tie that matches and isn’t to flashy. For females a dark business pantsuit and closed-toe shoes is suggested. Look sharp and crisp at all times.

Finding corporate executive protection work involves being interviewed by plenty of professional men with tender sensibilities. These guys are looking for candidates that are self-reliant and have a cool mind and common sense. Use your internal discipline and toughness from functioning in the army and accommodate your transferable strengths into the corporate protection landscape. Do not waste time on things that are non-transferable.

A well-planned and managed job search should comprise: Looking for corporate bodyguard job opportunities in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, etc.. Do not only look in the job-classified sections. Look for news articles and events in your region regarding corporate protective opportunities like stalkers or weirdoes harassing a local personality, corporate layoffs and downsizings or business events including well-known senior executives and CEOs. The following news items are an often overlooked opportunity for corporate bodyguard jobs. Sending out your resume to prospective company employers both electronically and with quite important employers by overnight courier to ensure receipt to the proper company individual. Obtaining expert name cards made up with your name, address, and contact information. Offer your title cards out to a variety of people that you meet. Name cards are great tools to advance your career transition.

Creating “The right place at the right time situation” by socializing in upscale locations where influential men and women go to increase your network of personal relationships with key men and women.

Continue studying and reading books on corporate executive protection, attending neighborhood safety association meetings and corporate bodyguard workshops to increase your networking abilities. This will also keep you on the leading edge within the executive protection industry.

After all of your job search planning and management actions, you’ve secured an interview to get a corporate bodyguard project. Your target needs to be to show your qualifications to the position and demonstrate that you have a cool head, common sense and are a corporate match.
You must be able to articulate your qualifications and experiences in a favorable manner. Many qualified applicants are passed over due to lack of interview preparation and also the inability to articulate a corporate match.

Nonetheless, your preparation and former army expertise has made you a much stronger candidate. You have prepared in advance for this moment. You have the presence of mind and the capacity to land the job. Your plan should now be to sell yourself to ensure a work offer.

Don’t doubt yourself or your company bodyguard qualifications. You should sell yourself by confidence and from your previous and current transferable strengths and experiences. Communicate your recognized credentials as a result of your previous knowledge and training. You should show you obviously meet the required corporate performance standards and that you are emotionally and physically up to the challenge of becoming a corporate bodyguard.

Immediately following your executive defense interview, write a thank you letter to the interviewers. You may use e-mail; however, sending a card is more considerate. Thank you e-mails and cards express gratitude for the opportunity and also reconfirm your interest in working in the corporate protection unit. There might be many interviews, however if all goes well, you will be landing a corporate bodyguard job inside a high-speed, professional, corporate executive protection unit.

Always have your goals in mind. Do not let anything hold you back again. If becoming a corporate bodyguard is something you want, there is not any reason why anyone ought to bring you down from it. Never quit trying, and always do what you can to succeed. When you get to the top, do not ever think you’ve arrived. Keep striving for perfection. Create a plan, set a schedule and get to work. Fantastic luck and God speed.

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