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The name Edward Snowden become popular while he began unveiling top secret spy company details from your Nationwide Security Agency (NSA) in the states and GCHQ in the uk (UK). Snowden would be a subcontractor for that National Security agency where he started collecting top secret paperwork about the agency’s surveillance practices that had been conducted domestically together with internationally.
These documents were revealed in papers all over the world. Before disclosing these documents, Snowden shifted base to Hong Kong. The documents released offered proper proof of spying through the United States Of America government tracking the telephone calls as well as the Internet using of ordinary Americans.
Edward Snowden revealed the PRISM program that involves stalking ordinary citizens about their entire day to day activity. She has received many threats from the United States Of America where there are already charges pressed against him. Snowden is presently in Russia after shifting base from Hong Kong. There are other countries which he has applied for asylum, but Snowden may be denied by all and continues to are now living in Russia when they have been stuck due to the revocation of the passport through the United States Of America.
The government of the US and UK spy on all Internet traffic on a daily basis that has been a well regarded fact, but after the proof was published in newspapers, it became popular to any or all populations around the world. Besides ithe US and UK spy on a unique citizens but it spies on other leaders all over the world.
Your privacy isn’t a luxury and it is your right high have been many strong reactions after the disclosures of Edward Snowden regarding the spying of normal people everywhere accross the planet. So text time you think of going online or even the telephone, you need to be conscious that it is all totally being recorded and stored because of the government.
Now that informed citizens will be more privy to spying by their governments, they’ll be able to take proper steps to keep their personal information safe and to protect their privacy. Go to Edward Snowden News (http://www.EdwardSnowdenNews.com) for the latest breaking news and videos on this most essential topic.

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